Discussion on: How many computers do you use?

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Anurag Mathur 

I manage a team spread across 3 countries. I code mostly in Java and PLSQL. I develop an application which compiles and runs over Weblogic Server on Linux OS.

I use 4 devices.

My primary work device is a Windows laptop at office that I use for everything other than programming.

I code, and test on a DevOps hosted Linux VM, which I connect via VNC or Tarantella via a browser. The VM is setup with my comapny’s source control system for ease of development. I recently started using ZSH and use a bunch of my own scripts/ completions to mimic Oh My ZSH over our proprietary source control system.

I own a personal MacBook Pro and use it for personal stuff. I have learnt programming languages on it. I have experimented with dockers, etc on it. It’s my learning station. I do all my personal work on it. This allows me to maintain personal - professional separation.

The last device I use is my iPhone. It also serves as my primary email client.