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Discussion on: 🔥 🤩 My Fucking Awesome Dev Setup 🤩 🔥

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Every time I see an article about a linux setup I dream of a reality that Adobe products were available on Linux (at least on some distributions). Its literally the only thing that keeps me for using MacOS for development.

(Yes I know there are workarounds but until Adobe provide actual support its a no go for me.)

It's also another time I neovim which makes me curious and I think I'm going to try it out.

Overall great setup!

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Mazen Touati

I feel absolutely the same, the fact that most of my favorite graphic softwares and games are not available on Linux distributions made me always frustrated. In the near Future, I'm planing to install a Linux distribution on my current decent laptop for development and buy a new high-end laptop for modern games and better experience with adobe products. I'll start saving ASAP for that 😂