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By the sounds of it you're doing web programming? That being the case, I highly highly highly highly recommend checking out .NET Core, C# and Kestrel. In making it open-source Microsoft should've removed virtually any previous barriers to entry. Don't let the C-style language scare you either. If you're daft enough to learn django, than you are certainly capable of learning ASP.NET.

Some reasons I think it's a good idea:

  • Currently the most active open-source platform (most active github repos).
  • Backed by a heavyweight in Microsoft.
  • C# as a language is feature-rich (i.e. generics, functional capabilities, built-in delegate types, pattern matching)
  • Going this route also pots you a strongly typed environment, which believe me, you will be thankful for if the project achieves any kind of scale.
  • Unlike scripting languages (PHP, Python, Ruby etc.), the C# you write gets compiled into IL (Intermediate Language) which is a step closer to machine language. This is great news from a performance perspective. I recently clocked my API built on this stack at sizzling 85,000 requests per second, on a single standard virtual machine.
  • It consistently ranks in the top 10 (top 5 IIRC) of hire-able stacks.

Bottom line, Microsoft’s .NET Core web offering is ridiculously awesome and well worth a try. Gone are the days of the clunky .NET Framework.

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