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With the open-sourcing of the runtime and framework and advent of kestrel, there literally could not be a better time to be getting into, or continuing to hone your skills in the .NET stack.

Building your solution today in .NET Core means potting yourself a strongly typed environment, a blazing fast web server in kestrel for ASP.NET projects, a vibrant open-source community which currently leads GitHub in # of open projects and a ridiculously well-planned and mature language in C#.

Bottom line, Microsoft’s .NET Core offering is ridiculously awesome and well worth a try. Gone are the days of the clunky .NET Framework.


The most encouraging feedback ever. Many thanks for your reply, I would be very valuable for me.


Ditto! I've liked and worked with C# for a while now but with .NET Core, it makes it more interesting than ever to be a .NET Developer.

Open source, cross-platform and now better performance than ever, what is not to love?

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