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Very well written and articulated article! I, however, have the opposite point of view as I don't believe there is any reason to ask this question, at all. It's even less reasonable to ask it when the candidate is invited in for an interview.

Sure, as a candidate I am actually interested in doing the basic Google search (note it's a search, not a REsearch) to understand if your industry is minimally interesting, if the product market fit is there and if it makes sense to pursue an opportunity for a risky startup (if applicable) that, statistically speaking, is going to flop.

I have gladly been on both sides of the interviewing process multiple times and I never asked this question. Much rather the opposite: I tried to sell the company idea as much as the time allowed me to.

As anecdotal as this may be, it was quite measurable the difference in interview quality I experienced when compared to my other peers that followed the "standard".

A good rule of thumb is: Imagine if the candidate asked the same question (e.g.: "Why would I work for you?").
If that sounds weird or awkward, then you, as an interviewer, shouldn't ask it.


Thanks for reading the article. I appreciate your comments.. your views are also echoed by several others in the comments below. I've responded to them in detail.. thanks once again!!

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