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Hi Alex, I'm interested in this project and what's your opinion about Node.js and React.
Thanks in advance


Ok, so React feels definitely more lightweight than Angular (I was using Angular for FullStack.Cafe and CodeStack.Cafe for 2.5 years so far). My current bundle size is 170kb (Brottli). The best I could get from Angular was 260kb (including Material UI). Can be improved even further with proper lazy loading and hooks refactoring. Having JS (and not TS) on frontend and backend helps with speed of development and to stay in the same language context. Node (Express) rules for simple fast APIs. If you want to horizontally scale API use Throng. In overall I would recommend MERN (mongo+express+react+node) stack for any modern startup/side project. I don't separate FrontEnd and BackEnd solutions for deployment so it's kinda monolit but that can be refactored easily. From hosting perspective I use Heroku + mLab (for Mongo). Billing - obviously Stripe is a king. CSS - still use Bootrstrap 4 but want to try Tailwind in the future.

And this is result of site speed from GTMetrix:



See my updates after more refactoring (components lazy loading). NO way you can achieve the same with Angular.

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