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Effects of Backpacks

In 2003, a research published in the journal SPINE examined over 1100 children aged 12 to 18 years old and found that almost 75% of them reported back pain issue related with backpack usage.

Similarly, a 2006 research published in the journal Pediatric Orthopedics discovered that the weight of students' backpacks seemed to be strongly related to their risk of experiencing back discomfort.

In a research performed at the University of California in San Diego, orthopedics department, adults wearing 26 pounds backpacks for only 10 minutes had a near 50% reduction in blood flow through large and small vessels in their upper bodies.

Tips to Reduce the Backpack Effects

  1. Know how to wear backpacks correctly
  2. Design a classroom experiment to monitor backpack weight.
  3. See a Chiropractor

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