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Why Should You Use React.JS For Web Development? (How Does It Help You?)

Mary Martin
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Over the past 20 years, the world of technology has evolved to the next level. The web has changed, and so has the technology stacks. Meanwhile, old technologies such as python are making a strong come-back after all these years; React JS has its very own fan following.

As more and more logic is now focused on the client-side, technologies such as angular and react are coming into the limelight.

Why Use React JS?

There are many technologies available on the market, and honestly, there is a good replacement available for every technology. To understand the usability of React JS, we have to go down the memory lane, back to 2015 when web development was just about scripting and rendering. It was the reign of HTML, CSS in the frontend, and PHP on the backend.

All you needed to do was to make a folder of HTML pages and render them with PHP. There was not anything dynamic, unique, and intuitive, and you can imagine how primitive the websites looked. All that developers focused on was server-side rendering, and client-side was not on the hind side of the developers.

Then something changed…

Not long ago, single-page apps, JavaScript, and React JS came along. JavaScript made it possible for developers to build web apps with JavaScript Client-side. It was made possible by JavaScript to fetch data and add new attributes to it. We started making dynamic applications without going into all the challenges of PHP and servers. However, one challenge remains – DOM manipulations.

React JS And Its Contribution

React JS was introduced in 2015 and enabled users to build dynamic web applications. It is primarily was used to render views in web and mobile applications. React JS features allow the developers to create reusable components independent of each other. This makes the application high-performing.

React JS comes with a fantastic feature called virtual DOM that enabled developers to implement SSR without any need for updating the view each time during an update. React JS helps in building dynamic and engaging web interfaces with the help of the Virtual DOM. It facilitates developers to update components whenever a user interacts with the app without affecting the other parts of the interface.

Main Features Of React JS

React JS website development helps developers to focus on the view and the components rather than the coding sector. It helps them build apps fast and debug the screen or component using declarative means, providing a better coding experience and an unparalleled user experience. Here is a comprehensive list of features you must know about React JS to understand its usability.

1. Component-based approach

Components are responsible for network communication, UI function, managing state, and other complex tasks. ReactJS gives developers a modular approach that makes it easy for them to implement the design scheme and display various components.

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