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Why Choose Node.Js For Web App Development?

marymartinjr profile image Mary Martin ・3 min read

Are you looking for the best programming language, library, or framework to build a large-scale application? There are a lot of software platforms available in the market.

Node.js is a popular software platform that is full-stack and can be used for building client-side and server-side of an application. A lot of small and large companies have been using Node.js for creating games, social media platforms, instant messengers, live streaming applications, video conferencing tools, and much more. Therefore, LinkedIn chooses Node.js over Ruby on Rails recently as Node.js can be the perfect choice for developing real-time applications that require the data to be updated constantly.

Being incredibly easy to learn, Node.js development ensures faster time to market. However, if you are a startup or a small business with a short budget and strict timeframes, it is an ideal choice for MVP development. As it provides two-way hassle-free communication between client-side and server-side, it is a trusted choice of several developers and users across the globe.

What do you think is the main factor you should consider while developing a web application? Well, the major aspect of any web app development project is maintaining efficiency and gaining the maximum ROI. If you decide to choose a framework that takes more time, it will cost you more money. Being a cross-platform solution, Node.js development can be used to develop robust, scalable, and effective desktop and mobile apps. Moreover, Node.js is widely used for creating enterprise apps for small and large businesses.

Where Can This Web App Development Be Used?

  • Real-time chat apps
  • Automation
  • Data streaming apps
  • Web app framework
  • Browser games
  • Single-page apps

Why It Is A Preferred Choice For Web App Development?

There are several reasons to incline Node.js for web app development. We’ll discuss a few of them here:

  • As the time taken for building web apps is lesser, Node.js can be the perfect choice for a rapid MVP project.

  • The developers can plan their own structure as Node.js development offers greater flexibility to them.

  • New features and tools are added by the Node.js and JavaScript community to make it future-proof and help you build flawless apps.

  • In Addition, It offers a wide range of features and functionalities.

  • Node.js development is considered to be a cost-effective way of testing and deploying apps using Pay as you go services.

  • The apps are extremely scalable.

  • Web applications developed using Node.js ensure awesome and flawless performance for HTTP and TCP protocols.

  • Cloud scalability is another popular reason for choosing Node.js as it can help you to scale up or down according to the requirements and usage.

  • Lightweight and flexible apps can be built with Node.js.

  • There are several packages and extensions available.

  • One can find cheap hosting options for Node.js business apps as compared to other platforms.

Top 5 Popular Node.Js Frameworks For Web Application Development

1. Express

This is the most popular framework for Node.js web app development that follows a minimalistic approach and does not require any steeper learning curve. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Node.js environment and programming skills can build web and mobile applications. High performance, better content negotiation, and MVC architectural patterns make Express.js the best choice. Moreover, It has robust routing, security features, and error handling capabilities.

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ericchapman profile image
Eric Chapman • Edited

In my opinion, Express is good to develop a small quick web app or the opposite you need a extra fine tune performance app. But everything else in the middle there are better and way faster / less time consuming / less boiler plate code tools. Like Adonis.js, Laravel and Rails. Developing a MVP with those framework is super efficient!

Each project is unique so I take that with a grain of salt...