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Why Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development? (Top 10 Benefits)

marymartinjr profile image Mary Martin ・3 min read

Are you looking for the right cross-platform app development solution? You may be thinking of choosing Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development.

Several leading brands such as Philips and Alibaba have been using it for their mobile applications. If you want to make an effective decision for your organization, this comprehensive guide will help you understand why one should pick Flutter for mobile app development.

Some of the most obvious reasons to opt for Flutter app development are cost, enhanced productivity, and speed.

Top 10 Benefits Of Flutter Mobile App Development

1. Faster Development

Usually, the goal of any cross-platform technology is to speed up the development process. With Flutter app development, the developer can write one codebase that runs on both iOS and Android devices.

Flutter helps to develop mobile apps faster, and the best part is that it requires only one team to build an app that runs on Android as well as iOS. The developers can build dynamic mobile apps faster. The Hot Reload feature allows the developers to view the changes in the code instantly on various devices such as simulators, emulators, and hardware. It just takes a few milliseconds to add features to the apps, fixes the bugs, and ensures a faster time to market. Flutter is not just great for creating UIs but also helps to fix bugs easily. Without any programming language, one can create feature-rich apps.

Secondly, the large community of Flutter developers put in a lot of effort to use a wide range of ready-to-use widgets. The widgets are easily customizable, helping the programmers save a lot of time and effort. Flutter offers a huge set of Cupertino and Material widgets that can copy the behavior of the design languages.


2. Reduced Cost

As Flutter helps to build mobile applications for both the platforms iOS and Android, it helps to save the costs on the development. For some businesses, the cost of mobile app development may be a crucial factor while choosing a framework. However, being an open-source platform, Flutter is free and can help business owners save a lot of costs on app development. It can be a perfect solution for MVP projects.


3. High Performance

App performance is an important factor that affects the success of your mobile app. Flutter ensures native-like app performance. As it does not rely on any intermediate code representation or interpretation, the app is developed directly into the machine code. Flutter mobile app development eliminates the performance bugs and helps to create high-performance applications.


4. Use Of Widgets

Flutter provides a wide range of widgets to help the programmers add the desired functionality to the mobile apps. Flutter developers can create a UI element once and it will be accessible on several different platforms, resolutions, and screens. One can wrap one widget inside the other one to add multiple features to the app.


5. Custom UI

Being design-friendly, Flutter helps to build a great UI for mobile apps for various platforms. One can build a custom UI on native platforms with lesser effort. With several libraries and tools available for app development, developers can customize everything and create an amazing UI for mobile apps. Believe it or not, Flutter makes the process of mobile app development flexible and versatile. The shared element transitions and transformations help the developers build high-performance apps effortlessly.

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