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Top 10 Blog Widgets Plugins For WordPress

Mary Martin
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Widgets were introduced in WordPress version 2.2, and it was known as a distinct advantage for the WordPress world. WordPress widgets plugins will make the sidebar more engaging. Using widgets, a user can add a ton of different sections that a user can add to the sidebar.

In the beginning, WordPress didn’t come with a variety of widget options but after the new version of WordPress 4.8 released, there are now lots of widget options such as archives, related posts, calendar, video, and text, are introduced. There are plenty of WordPress widget plugins are available with advanced features. In this article, we have accumulated a handful list of free and premium blog widget WordPress plugins. These plugins will enhance the user experience & improve your site structure.

Let’s check out the plugins now!

1. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget WordPress plugin supports a new visual editor that allows adding rich text and media objects to the website sidebar easily. It is a free plugin and its active install is more than 6 lakhs. Moreover, a user can modify the sidebar widgets in a WYSIWYG manner. The plugin supports shortcodes, smilies, and embed widget text and preview the look before displaying it on the website.

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The plugin is very well compatible with the multi-language plugins and users on multisite. It has a distraction-free editing mode that makes it easier to modify. A must-have plugin!

2. WP Tab Widget

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WP Tab Widget is a free WordPress plugin made with AJAXified that controls the loading time so content loads as and when demanded by the visitors. To stick your visitors to your website, the loading time is a very important factor. With this plugin, a user can control the order of the blog’s tabs and only shows when demanded. It has a built-in cache system and a super lightweight plugin. There are many customization options available to make it more user-friendly. Get it now for your blogging site.

3. Widget Context

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Widget Context WordPress plugin is beneficial for every website user. It helps to hide and show the widgets on certain sections such as the front page, blog page, post, archives, etc. This plugin has a Target By URL feature that targets the section based on the URLs. Moreover, it has a wildcard symbol that matches the dynamic parts of the URLs.

It is a mostly used plugin and more than 80000+ users have used this plugin on their sites.

4. Category Posts Widget

Category Posts Widget is a plugin that is specifically designed to display the most recent posts on an online site. It showcases in a great wonderful layout that you can add a sidebar to showcase your website’s latest posts easily. This plugin contains many useful features such as the Load More button, Date range filter, posts filtration, multiple sites support, etc.

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Moreover, this plugin has in-built templates to arrange the post details attractively. Using this plugin, you can set the thumbnail and hover effects to make it more appealing. It is also available in the Pro version with advanced features. Check now.

5. Meks Smart Author Widget

As its name suggests, the Meks Smart Author Widget plugin allows displaying author or user information on the widget. The smart feature of this plugin is that the information about the user or particular author is auto-detection. Moreover, a user can show it in on a single post page or a specific author archive.

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With this plugin, a user can link avatar images to the author archive and user display name. The plugin is very useful for the blogging site.

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