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Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce Websites (2021)

Mary Martin
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Around the globe, 12-24 million eCommerce sites are live, and still, these numbers continue expanding. Numerous individuals are moving their offline operations to online to get more success. As building eCommerce sites are less complicated these days with WordPress, WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin is an eminent mixture for developing an online site. Do you know there are more than 50000 plugins accessible in the different categories at the WordPress repository? It may be overwhelming for novices and create disarray too.

Besides, how does a user know which one is suitable for the online site configuration and runs smoothly?

In this scenario, a user can go for the most popular plugins by checking their reviews and ratings. Yet, the rundown is excessively long, so we have accumulated the most trustable and relevant eCommerce plugins that each online store ought to have on their website.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a worldwide widespread and most used plugin for creating an online store. A user can build the eCommerce website as they want. The plugin provides an extensive 16 blocks. Setting up the WooCommerce plugin on the online store takes just mere seconds. The plugin contains a well-written guide that helps to build an eCommerce store without any difficulties.

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This free WooCommerce plugin provides plenty of options to manage the payments with the WooCommerce payments and other 100+ payment gateways. It helps to configure shipping options and also helps to add sales tax with that selling the online products is easier.

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is another popular WordPress plugin to sell digital products on WooCommerce. EDD gives the store owner an effective platform with heaps of flexible options to customize the various settings as per the website requirement.

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The plugin has multiple flexible payment options. Moreover, Apple pay and Google pay were added via stripe’s payment request buttons. Additionally, this plugin also helps to prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing the product files without paying the amount. It is a multilingual plugin and can be translated into multiple languages. A remarkable plugin for digital products!

3. WC Checkout Fields Editor

The checkout page of an eCommerce company is essential. If it is not responsive and user-friendly then, your valuable visitors will abandon the page. WC Checkout Fields Editor WordPress plugin allows managing existing shipping and billing fields.

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Generally, we often need to manage the checkout page and are required to add some details & remove it to make the page user-friendly, and for that, this plugin is a fruitful option for online owners. The plugin supports 10+ custom fields such as checkbox, radio button, time picker, date picker, color picker, multiple selections, and so on.

Additionally, the plugin supports multiple and single file upload options for the additional fields. A handy tool for the online website.

4. WC Marketplace

If you want to build an online marketplace, then WC Marketplace will be a good pick for you. This free WordPress plugin provides a good amount of features with which a user can build a store as you want. The plugin has a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage the essential things freely.

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Moreover, the plugin is perfect for all types of products, whether digital or downloadable. This plugin has options to check the vendor details that make it easier to work with vendors. The plugin contains lots more other features that reduce the effort and save time. Get it now and make a fabulous online marketplace.

5. Shopping Cart & ECommerce Store

Shopping Cart & eCommerce store WordPress plugin is a helpful tool to build a shopping cart store in just a few clicks. This plugin provides 30+ payment solutions to make the purchase easier for your valuable customers.

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The plugin automatically creates three different pages in the WordPress site that are store, cart, and account. Moreover, a user can customize it and also add many widgets for better functionality and start selling. It comes with Stripe, Square, PayPal carts in one plugin that mostly all the online store needs.

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