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Benefits Of Using ReactJS With WordPress (What Makes ReactJS So Popular?)

Web and mobile app development have leaped to another level and this is all because of the contributing technologies. Talking of which, two technologies that are most sought after in the current scenario are ReactJS and WordPress. Meanwhile, WordPress has numerous feats registered to its name, ReactJS has just started out to race with the leading technologies. And it is giving some major competition to them too.

In the current web and mobile app development scenario React is wide use. Popular applications such as Netflix, Facebook, UberEats, Atlassian and so many others are using it and this is all because of the reliability. JavaScript being a popular programming language makes it easy for developers to adapt to the technology. You can find talented ReactJS developers all over the world to empower your business.

But as we know, to make a functioning application, you have to use different technologies in combination. The compatibility between the programming languages and the innate needs of the project are important to fulfill. And hence, we got inspired to write about the application of ReactJS in combination with WordPress. As fascinating as the topic is, we would try to fill you in about everything that makes the two languages compatible with each other and how you can use WordPress and React.

What Is ReactJS?

ReactJS is regarded as one of the best technologies. It is because of the modernity it brings to the development landscape. It is an upgrade in front-end development. ReactJS offers you effective tools, and flexibility to develop highly engaging front-ends of applications using the JavaScript library.

It is a declarative language and is used widely to design user interfaces, mostly for single-page applications. Particularly talking of UI, there is no other language currently that can match the convenience and quality of ReactJS. However, speculators saw similar potential in new-age technologies such as Flutter too. Still, ReactJS is perceived as more reliable.

Features Of ReactJS

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is based on an open-source component. It helps in the development of highly engaging applications as the component helps in building the interface layer of the web and mobile applications.

Moreover, ReactJS can be used for building applications of various types. Web applications, desktop applications, native applications; you name it, and React can help you build it.

The range of development offered by ReactJS makes it a handy tool for developers. They rely on the qualities of ReactJS to build applications for web and mobile platforms.

Also, the features of the technology help save hours of work put in developing and developing the front-ends of the applications. It offers speedy development as it uses lesser code.

WordPress And ReactJS

When you are building web applications for WordPress, it is our experience to use ReactJS. ReactJS becomes the first-choice for many reasons. To start with, it provides developers more flexibility in the development process. It gives them the modern tools to build a more dynamic front-end of the web application. The front-end library offers an innovative approach.

ReactJS allows the use of Virtual DOM to develop web applications for WordPress. When DOM is represented within the memory it is known as virtual DOM. React swiftly processes the DOM and keeps on updating the DOM browser.

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What Makes ReactJS So Much Popular Amongst Developers?

One of the best ways to select a technology is to see if the developer community finds the technology efficient. ReactJS has huge community support. Apart from the MVC, ReactJS is considered one of the top-notch front-end libraries. And here are some amazing reasons you must try it for your project.

1. Component-Based Structure:

The component-based structure of ReactJS allows you to design website applications that are more complex and feature-rich. The complexity of the project increases the time of development significantly. And hence ReactJS solves it by dividing the project into various smaller pieces. The smaller the piece is the easier it becomes to develop, structure, maintain, change, examine, etc.

2. Smaller Learning Graph:

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages. Millions of web developers are familiar with the programming language and have been using it for years. A technology that is based on a familiar programming language makes it easier for the developers to adapt to. Also, the quality of development can easily ensure.

3. Swift Development:

The development process is time-driven and time is also a factor that decides the cost of development. Looking at all this, technology providers have always aimed at offering solutions that reduce the development process significantly. ReactJS has some amazing features that help you develop apps faster.

4. Speedy Apps:

The applications that are built on ReactJS are naturally fast and can be rendered, and re-rendered quickly. It keeps updating the input of the latest alterations in the data and thus takes the lag off. Since React using a powerful VDOM as the representation of the actual DOM in memory, the applications have improved user experience and swift response.

Benefits Of Using ReactJS With WordPress

ReactJS is a dynamic technology. It is best for all types of applications and offers a performance-rich experience. Now that you know of the amazing qualities of ReactJS, it is finally time to conclude the blog with what you have been waiting for — how WordPress and ReactJS can be used together.

There are some amazing benefits that come along when you use WordPress with ReactJS. It is rooted in the features of both the technologies that make them compatible with each other. Here is how we have been using the two technologies to build amazing web-based applications.

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