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re: I never like todo lists and I move through life just fine. Ok, apart from shopping. I hate going shopping so much that I list is my "get-in-get-out...

interesting. I like that idea, but I'd be worried that I'd either forget about things that need to get done or miss out on opportunities. then again, maybe that's part of my problem? ;-p how to do keep track of what you need to get accomplished from a personal & professional standpoint?


I find there's not that much to keep track of :)

From the title of your post it sounds like you miss out on opportunities no matter what if the list is never-ending. The "done list" is actually something I have read in few self-help books, where people have stopped keeping track of what's not done and instead made a list of what they have done, then the undone things just appear.

I like writing long form. I never write "Today I have to get this done", but regardless by the time I finish writing (a diary like thing: an highbrid of morning-pages and a diary) I'm clear what needs to be done.

Though to be honest there isn't that much that I need to do, so maybe you really need the list. But at least think about the well-tried-and-proven (not by me) of incorporating done lists, it might help you with "escaping the guilt"

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