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Choose humanity regarding "Project Nimbus"

Big but important post for pro-humanity in the tech world.


For those of you who do not know what "Project Nimbus" is, I recommend reading the following links. If anybody has extra info, no matter pro or against it, feel free to share it as long as what you post is the truth.

Recent pro-humanity change in the tech world

In the tech community, few years ago, we decided to change the "default" git branch name from "master" to "main" everywhere, although that took hard work and money. We did so mostly because many African-Americans told us how bad it felt for them to read/write the word "master" all the time knowing the association of that word with slavery (master/slave), regardless in this case the word had that specific meaning or not.

So it is not like in the tech community we do not care about humanity.

The main problem now

What was the difference between that quick change of git branches just mentioned and this situation?
This situation in which not many people talk about "Project Nimbus" and in the article in the guardian, they did it anonymously.

In my opinion, the key differences are:

  1. There wasn't really much of a confrontation at the time. Sure, some people agreed and some disagreed but it is nothing compared to what may happen to us if we speak about this topic publicly.

  2. This is in part a consequence of the previous point, but part of why we don't say/do anything about it is because most people never knew about it. Not just knowing but being scared as the previous point, but simply not knowing. With git it was different because most tech people use it. But this "project nimbus" is a much more secret/silent thing that most people never knew about.

What can/should we do?

Let everyone know about this. We should normalise speaking about sensitive topics and we should only participate with what we feel ok doing morally.

Personally, I am against apartheid or any other violation of human rights and this is why I cannot keep using Google Cloud or AWS as a tech professional if they carry on with Project Nimbus. If I did, I would be participating in this.
If you are ok with this "Project Nimbus", I do not intend to automatically demonise you for it without even hearing what you have to say about it, but at the bare minimum we should be allowed to talk about it as well and also to not be a part of this if we are against the suffering that it causes on innocent people.

Let's always choose humanity over fear or money.

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