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So if you create your site with just React, only your page title will be indexed and nothing else inside your React code will be indexed.

Dinesh, this is actually not entirely true. The crawlers of Google (and others) are actually quite effective with indexing javascript.

Google even provides a tool in the Google Search console where you can see how specific pages are viewed by the google bot. However to achieve that you need to be the owner of the website. Here's a link for reference:


I came across this as well but I'm quite not sure if auto indexing runs JavaScript.

I made my portfolio last year with React. I wrote a blog post about it and my portfolio received a lot of traffic. It was hosted in GitHub Pages for a year. If you search "Dinesh Pandiyan" in Google now, you will get the indexing result of my old portfolio from GitHub Pages and you can see only the page title will be in search result description. Although I didn't add any meta tags in my old site.

If you search the "Dinesh Pandiyan" in duckduckgo, you'll get my new site in the search result and you'll have the entire meta and everything else in the description.

I've also read somewhere that, during auto indexing, the crawlers only wait for x seconds and if your site's TTI is longer or if you load data during mount and render the original content only after second render, you're likely to not have the content indexed. Not very sure about this though.


This is true, the crawler actually waits for your content to render, and yes, if after N time there's still nothing rendered your site will not be indexed properly.

Regarding the issue you had with Github Pages, it might be that Github could be interfering with the crawling process, since your page is under the github domain (unless you're using a custom domain). OR your content was just taking too long to load :)

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