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Need help - First coding interview in 2 weeks

martinho profile image Martinho Updated on ・1 min read

Hi all!

I applied for a job recently for a big company and i managed to pass all the interviews so far, and I have the last one, the technical interview, in 20 days from today ... and I never been so lost.

I have 2 and a half year of professional experience in full stack development, and since im applying for a full stack position I have no ideia what questions and stacks should i focus the most, right now im looking questions and trying to solve some leetcode recomended questions, but most of them are looking kinda hard to me.

Any tips from recruiters or someone that went through the same process?

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Alex Parra

Practice a lot but don’t lose your mind over it.
There are lots of websites like leetcode that can give you material to practice on.
Some interviews are focused on algorithms but others, which I find better to assess someone’s skills in practice, focus on developing a small project or a feature of a larger app. As such, I’d focus on creating apps during this time as most of them will eventually require algorithms skills.
This is a good challenge:

Best of luck.

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Martinho Author

That repository looks amazing! Thank you so much.

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Gabriele Cimato

Build a schedule for these 20 days and stick to it. Don't stress about it but practice daily and review topics that you feel unsure about. As long as you keep working on it regularly your confidence will grow as well. You got this!

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Definitely do a lot of code challenges, from Leetcode or codewars.
Good luck!

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