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I really don't understand how you can not to mention Smalltalk. You even mention Alan Kay and Ruby, yet you don't mention Smalltalk? Seriously? We are talking about stretching your brain, not learning a programming language for looking a job.


Beautiful thing about dev.to, you can write your own list. 😉

Seriously though, this article is largely based on my own preferences and I like Ruby.


Sure. But I thought that "stretching" was a bit more general and not your own preference. Smalltalk doesn't everything differently. It gives you a new perspective. That's why whether for good or bad I cannot think of anything better than Smalltalk to stretch your brain.

Smalltalk is great; I'd love to learn more about it. Write an article explaining some of its features. I'll read and probably share it!

I didn't include it in this list because it's not something I want to learn right now and I write articles mostly as reminders to myself, I don't really care to be super objective in them (unless I'm modeling a thought process in which that is important).

In this case, these are languages I want to learn more completely that I think will help me to understand new concepts in programming. I tend to be more pragmatic than academic, so it makes sense that I focused on languages that are a bit more mainstream than Smalltalk at the moment.

Thanks Jacob for the reply. Yes, I think the subject of the post was what confused me and made me thought it was something way more "objective". But I totally understand your point and being pragmatic.
I am writing a lot of blog posts about Smalltalk (almost all of my blog) but none is just about the language... too much out there explaining better than me :)
Anyway, that aside, it was a good reading and thanks for putting it together!

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