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I didn’t see this post earlier and yesterday created similar one but maybe I will delete it -

The things I dislike most:

  1. Not getting feedback or receiving some template answer.
  2. Most of the recruiters who don’t value your time and would like to have a quick call which is no less than 30 minutes but in the same time are able to provide the meaningful information in a few sentences.
  3. Asking questions about your salary expectation before even starting the interview but hiding their ranges.
  4. Writing code in notepad.
  5. The interviewer being late for the interview.
  6. Not reading my CV at all
  7. Algorithm tasks when you are applying for web dev position and it’s known that you won’t need those algorithms. Yeah, I know, it’s mathematical/logical thinking that they are looking for. But, for such positions, I think it’s more important to be a good problem solver.
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