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Discussion on: What are you using for your documentation?

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Martin Belev Author

It will be for internal usage. We have and are using Confluence but things are not as we want them to be in there. So we are looking for other solutions.

As we are using React, most probably going to use a tech that is React based. For now Gatsby seems like a very decent option for the things that we want.

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Glenn Stovall

Could you tell me more about "things are not as we want them to be in there."?

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Martin Belev Author

Confluence has been for a long time, a lot of people are using it and it has all kind of information.

Maybe a little more about what we are trying to achieve (or at least some of the most important pieces) so that it can be more understandable why Confluence is not the best thing for us:

  • We would like to have the news docs in more structured way which will be more related to the project itself, not having everything in there.
  • From our backend we got JSON API documentation which is going to be presented in the new docs in a prettier way than JSON format.
  • We want to have some kind of integration with our components in Storybook.

This being the case, Confluence doesn’t seem like the best place to put everything. And I believe it is not possible to have all of the needed things in there to be honest.