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Really great advice. The thing that I have really taken on board is that there are only two things you control, how you feel about something and what you decide to do with that feeling. Everything else is sort of out of your control.

When you set goals, you tend to do it based on things outside of your control. For example, I want to have a launched a startup with $5K in revenue per month. That's hard, especially when the dip sets in.

Instead, set the goals on your actions, not on the outcome. Let the outcome come naturally. So putting in a minimum of 30 minutes daily to build, always leaving something easy to finish off at the start of a coding session to get into the flow, not having more than 2 days break in a row. These are all in your control.

Real example, I've started producing videos for YouTube again. I got to about 350 subs and I've set myself the challenge of getting to 1000 subs. But I don't really care about the number, because my goal is to release one video every week, and see if that moves the number of subs. I can only fail at not producing videos, but I can't fail at the number of subs, because it wasn't my goal.

I hope that's helpful.


Yes really great advice as well. Thanks for adding onto this.

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