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5 Key Steps to Meeting Women

What guy doesn’t want to meet more women?

Or find that special one. In general, most women feel the same way and would like to know more guys. It’s a part of human nature to want to meet new people and expand our network of friends and those we hope to make more than friends. But being humans, we have managed to turn this natural tendency into an insurmountable obstacle fraught with fear and anguish. But really, it doesn’t have to be that difficult or intimidating. Following are five ways to help you meet more women.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Everybody fails. The problem is that the older we get the more adverse we are to it. As an example, look at how often babies fail in their efforts to learn to walk. But because they attach no importance to failure, they keep trying and eventually succeed.

Need an adult sized example? Look no further than some of the greatest sports figures in history. Most home run kings were also strike out kings as well. Michael Jordan missed far more last second shots at the hoop than he hit, but who remembers the failures? What set them apart? They refused to quit in spite of missing the mark. Instead, these guys took failure in stride and refused to let it affect their winning attitude. They kept trying.

This is the same attitude you should have when it comes to meeting women. Like baseball, you’ll win some, lose some, and have a few rained out. Take it all in stride. There will be women that won’t be interested in you. Fret about it for a bit if you must, but don’t let it define who you are.

Instead of focusing on being turned down by a woman, consider what you could have done better. Learn from your mistakes and avoid them with your next interaction. Before you realize it you’ll be hitting that game winning shot at the buzzer.

Develop your Conversation Skills

Learn to listen. Women want to be valued. A sure way to make her feel special and score points at the same time is to listen to her. To prove you’ve been paying attention, start off your next sentence with a quick summary of her main point, such as “What you’re saying is…”

Also learn to give genuine complements. Every woman has something special about them that deserves attention. As you’re walking down the street or watching TV, for every woman you see, think of a compliment you could give them. The more you practice this strategy the better and more natural it will become. In no time you will even surprise yourself at how easy the complements roll off your tongue.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you have never gone up to a stranger and said hello, make that a goal.You can also do it online, small step, run to video chat like Chatroulette
and trying meet girl there first.
If you have a hard time meeting women it is because you never try to meet women. Take your interaction with the opposite sex to the next level. If you are comfortable with giving a woman a friendly greeting, then force yourself to give her a compliment as well. Or when making eye contact with a woman, let your gaze linger for an extra split second.

Look Out for Your Looks

Your looks play a big part in your overall confidence. If you are going out in public where you may have the opportunity to interact with women, take stock of your appearance. Before you even utter a word to a woman, she is sizing you up by the other signals your body is sending, including your dress and grooming.

Before running out to the store or on an errand, change that shirt you’ve been wearing all weekend. Take a few minutes to clean up. If you are already hesitant about approaching a woman, you certainly won’t if you know you look like you’ve just been rescued off a deserted island

Get Involved

Go to where the women are. Take a lesson from a bear. When a bear is hungry, he goes to where the food is, whether it’s a stream full of fish or just eating berries. He doesn’t wait around and hope his quarry comes to him. He seeks it out. So the lesson? Be the bear. Get involved in activities and go to places where you are surrounded by women.

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