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When All Of The Pieces Started To Fit Together

mars profile image Mara McCrann ・2 min read

I'm sure everybody had that eureka moment where everything started to connect. It's like finally knowing where to put those missing parts of a puzzle.

For me, it is this moment. As of typing this at 11:30 PM (at least from where I am from.), on my bed, in front of the laptop.

Because, today I just finished my C# course on Udemy!

Technically, it isn't finished since I have stuff to watch (like updates and the farewell vid of the course) but all the lessons that I needed to watch and the projects that I have been making are done!

It is an overwhelming feeling. Yes it is.

It's like making my first game before. Suddenly, I'm motivated.

I've been studying C# for like, a year with the help of online tutorials and stuff. But definitely, taking a course was something I would never regret.

Not saying that YouTube videos didn't help me though. They definitely did. I just think now that going for a course is also a good option if you want to learn programming.

I wanna thank this guy from twitter named Danny Thompson (@DThompsonDev) for helping me get the course. I don't know if he has a account but he has twitter (gonna put it here so you can give him a follow!).

He shares posts that helps other programmers. I see his dedication in his work. A genuine guy! So, here's my personal thanks to you :)

And the one who made the course, Avetis Ghukasyan! Some might be familiar with him since he actually has a YouTube channel (AvetisG) . But his course really helped me solidify the skills and he responds to questions you have with his course! So, thank you, sir!

Today, I learned a lot about C#. And I'm proud to say today that I've made a step towards that ladder into becoming a good programmer and hopefully, a software developer!


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