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That Flash Game to End Game

mars profile image Mara McCrann ・2 min read

Well, unlike others, I'm still here, learning how things work with C#.

A first year Computer Science student who's struggling to read code between Java and Python because I have to take separate subjects that tackle those individually.

But I also program in C# because that's where I started (liar, u started with Python). And I just love it as a language.

Early (kinda personal) Struggles

Sharing that I am into game development to some fellow classmates, no one understood how or why it was that. They would ask, "Can you make DOTA?" or "Do you make games like Ragnarok?"

Instantly, my eyes go big as tennis balls, and programmers would know why.

It was also hard, because when I was in my junior year, no one really knew game development. Even the guys. It was hard for me (especially as a girl) to talk about it. Add to that, that I am an introverted girl so I rarely talk to people who I am not comfortable with.

But even with the factors that was stopping me to reach my dream, I kept learning.

Present Struggles

Up until now, I'm still learning for that dream, though it might take long. I am currently taking a course to solidify what I know with C#, then learn Unity to make games. I don't rely much on college learning these things.

Outside of programming itself though, there are still these 'struggles' that I face:

  • Unfortunately, I still could not find any women like me interested with game development (or at least someone who could mentor). I know there is some, but I noticed how few it is.

  • In my Computer Science class, there are only like... 9 of us girls there and I'm not even sure if they're really interested in programming.

  • I joined in this group of game developers (in my place). I've always wanted to organize some meetup since I wanted to make connections/network with other devs this year (and it rarely happens here) but as a woman, it's hard doing so.

I know, time passes, and I'm glad these type of 'movements' are created to promote these kind of stuff. Just hope that with this, maybe, just maybe, things will change. I know, soon it will.

I just hope that when I do write again for the next year, I'll be able to put more achievements that I will do this year with programming. 'Cause I want this. And I do believe this is what my end game will be.

If I hadn't played that Flash game, I wouldn't call myself a programmer now.

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