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I don't really have a playlist (I don't use Spotify sadly), but I do have a list of songs you can listen to (i'll list a few). Just a heads up to you that most of these are just gonna be random:

'Pretend We're Dead' by L7
'3AM' and 'Addicted' by Retro Video Club
'Lucky I Got What I Want' by Jungle
'Peaches' by grandson x k.flay
'Under Pressure' by Queen/David Bowie
'Welcome To The Jungle' by Guns N' Roses
'Caving' by Justin Caruso
'Loner' and 'Time In A Bottle' by YUNGBLUD
'Bartender Song' by Rehab
'Born Of A Broken Man' by Rage at the Machine
'Simmer' by Hayley Williams
ALL of twenty one pilots's songs in every album they have (try listening to vessel!)
Paramore's 'After Laughter' and 'Brand New Eyes' albums


Awesome recommendations in here! thank you.

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