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re: Can I get a remote internship with software dev? VIEW POST

re: I'm sorry to say it's not quite realistic. Even if you managed to find one, I'm not sure you'd get that much out of it. The value of the internship...

Thank you for the straightforward response tho! So, it's better if I really get one on my place then? The only problem with that is there are only very few companies here that offers internship, and most of them do web development (want to aim software dev with c#), that's why I was curious of remote internship.


Honestly it's not so much about the technology. You have a couple of years of Uni and some more years of career to figure out where you want to be. It's more about the experience of building software really, working on teams, etc. I'd look into the quality of the company, the people you'd be working with, how much time they can dedicate to you, etc. Tech stack, type of work, etc. shouldn't matter that much.

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