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Discussion on: What would you like to see on your DEV profile?

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marpme (Marvin) • Edited on
  1. Pinned Articles

  2. moaaaar statistics (public views, last activity ...)

  3. Total Unicorns/Heart etc. count

  4. Styling options like changing colors, moving widgets etc

  5. A leveling system to recognize commenters from writers and from lurkers :D

  6. Approving skills or knowledge areas by other people

I think that's a lot for the beginning, hopefully that's what you are searching for :D

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Meghan (she/her)

that info is available privately here:

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Sobio Darlington • Edited on

There's no statistics for reads. I'm not sure how views are measured, but it'll be nice to have views/reads ratio

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Brian Lampe

Total Unicorns/Heart etc. count

I think you might want to avoid turning this site into a game for internet points

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Pabi Moloi, but Forbes

I totally agree with this

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marpme (Marvin)

Build a blockchain upon this, including virtual coins and there you go!
... but no, those are literally just my brain farts on the internet :)

So we can also cut out some of those points from the list.

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Tobias SN • Edited on

A leveling system would make things a lot more competitive, as people make a lot of posts just for the sake of getting levels, spending less time on each, thus decreasing the overall quality. Meanwhile, people who write posts are considered to be better than those who prefer to just read posts and give feedback.