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The Tetcoin Airdrop

This work in progress article will expand upon the Original Tetcoin Airdrop (a document that truly was lost when the custom AMD based computer holding it was taken during the collapse of the Original Tetcoin).

Tetcoin started as scrypt based derivative in the Spring of 2014. One of the original project goals was to create a unified multichain payments API. However, as soon as that goal was accomplished, EVMs came into existence on the blockchain. This advent modified the core principles of the Tetcoin Project. One of the ideals is to ensure open public access to blockchain technology.

The Original Tetcoin Whitepaper, which was also lost with the terabyte of data holding the original Tetcoin Blockchain, outlined an aspiration to grow the project to one billion users. That goal has not been met and the Original Tetcoin Team no longer exists. The Tetcoin Army of Two today has spent the past year rebuilding Tetcoin and only now has begun Phase One of its planned Airdrop.

The Tetcoin Core Network consists of the Tetcoin, Czarcoin, Litetokens, Payshares, Vapory, and Divvy Platforms. Combined, The Tetcoin Team has exceeded the Original Holdings goal of 1 Trillion Cryptocurrency units with 1 Quintillion Units available and the capability of producing an infinite amount as needed for the interplanetary goals as outlined in the Original Payshares Whitepaper, which (you guessed it) was lost on the ssd hard drive corrupted by an electrical surge.

Only 1 Billion TET will be produced. This is 7.8125 times the 128 Million TET produced on the Original Tetcoin Blockchain. There are over 1 million participants eligible for the Tetcoin Airdrop which is occurring in phases on the Binance Smart Chain, Harmony One, Polygon, Tron, IoTeX, Vapory, Ethereum, and Litetokens Networks. These 1 million accounts will receive ownership of 10% of all TET ever created.

The Tetcoin Bridge is currently in development and is a core purpose of this Airdrop. Only holders of Tetcoin will qualify to use the crosschain capabilities of Tetcore. In other words, only holders of TET will receive TET on the Tetcoin Main Network as a direct result of using the Tetcoin Bridge.

Official Tetcoin Smart Contracts:






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