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Discussion on: HowTo: My Terminal & Shell setup - Hyper.js + ZSH + starship ☄🔥

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Markus Peloquin • Edited on

I'm a simple man. When I see Fira Code, I stop reading. :)

Also those are a lot of aliases. Life isn't so bad without them. Less is more.

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Thomas Jaskiewicz Author

Hi, Markus!

I'm glad that you commented though. Thanks for your feedback in that topic!

those are a lot of aliases

I completely agree with you that "life isn't so bad without them" (aliases), but some people find them really useful and allow people to boost productivity. I added this list to let everybody choose those aliases that they might find useful in their case. Having a huge list of aliases doesn't mean that you have to use all of them :)

When I see Fira Code, I stop reading. :)

What fonts do you like to use? I'm always happy to experiment. In my case, Fira Code turned out to be really good font, I spend hours in the terminal and editor everyday and I find it really pleasant to read.

Less is more.

Always! 🙂