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Why You Should Learn JavaScript

JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript. JavaScript is the language of the web and we're living in a JavaScript world now more than ever before! JavaScript is used to create interactive websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications. It's also an easy programming language for beginners to learn. In this blog post you'll find out why learning JavaScript will help you be better at what you do with code and make your life easier as well!

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It's used by millions of developers to create amazing things on the web and beyond. As JavaScript continues to grow in popularity, it's important for you to learn this powerful language. Here are four reasons why you should learn JavaScript:

JavaScript is Everywhere

JavaScript is used everywhere! Websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, servers, and more. If you want to be a well-rounded developer then you need to know JavaScript. It's an Essential Language for Web Development - JavaScript is essential for web development! All modern websites are built with JavaScript and it's one of the most requested skills by employers. JS Lets You Code Dynamically - One of the coolest things about JavaScript is that it allows JavaScript to dynamically change the contents of your web page without having JavaScript. JavaScript is everywhere and not knowing how it works will make you a less effective developer in today's JavaScript world!

JavaScript Is Easy To Learn

Learning JavaScript isn't hard at all. It has a very simple syntax and makes sense when you read through the language reference documentation. Unlike some other programming languages, JavaScript doesn't require crazy amounts of boilerplate code or weird hoops to jump through like this:

//in C++ #include "stdafx.h" using namespace std; int main(){ court World << "Hello!" ; return 0; }

However, an even better way to learn JavaScript is by practicing! You can practice right here by editing the JavaScript code on this page. You can start by changing console.log("Hello!"); to JavaScript Hello!

And much more...

JavaScript opens up a world of possibilities for you as a developer because it's used in so many different web technologies and frameworks throughout your development career. JavaScript will make your life easier when it comes to front-end development, server-side programming, creating desktop applications with Electron or NW, plus much more! JavaScript also makes developing fun again when you're working across multiple devices like mobiles phones and tablets which require JavaScript code too.

By learning JavaScript now you are preparing yourself for almost any type of coding job that could come along including full-stack engineering positions where knowing both back end AND front end development is a key requirement. JavaScript isn't going away anytime soon so it's important that you jump on the JavaScript bandwagon and start learning today!

It Has a Big Community

As I said, JS is the most popular programming language and, of course, it has many frameworks, libraries, applications, API built on it. If you get stuck with a problem or just want to learn more about a specific topic, there's probably already a community of people out there that can help you. The JavaScript community is huge and it continues to grow every day!

Also, because of the community, there're frameworks such as React Native (that isn't the regular React), and it allows you to build mobile apps for Android and iOS at the same time without any problems. So it makes the development much easier, faster and with better quality. Because now you don't need to learn Swift/Objective C to build an app for iOS/macOS or to learn Java/Kotlin to build an app for Android. That's great, right?

High Demand

Right now, almost everything is built by using JavaScript and the demand for good JS developers is only increasing! JavaScript is such a necessary language that it's going to be increasingly important as the JavaScript community continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Everything from mobile apps, desktop applications, games, websites, and more are being built with JavaScript which means there will also be a high demand for JavaScript developers in almost every industry including healthcare, finance/banking, entertainment/gaming, aerospace & defense, etc...

By the way, JavaScript is one of the highest paying languages and a developer on average earns around $100,000 per year that isn't so bad, is it?


JavaScript is a powerful programming language that will help you be better at what you do with code. It's as easy to learn! You can make your first program within 30 minutes after reading this post. In fact, you've already been using JavaScript without knowing it because all modern browsers have JavaScript enabled by default - meaning when you visit any website they're running some JS code on their page(s). There’re so many different ways that you.

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I too, four years ago, wanted to learn the programming language with the largest market share and was the only way the code on the frontend before Web Assembly came out.

Also, there are so many JavaScript keywords in this article (even just on the first line) that I can feel that your SEO will go up. Fireship reference

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Mark Vassilevskiy Author

That's great to hear! Thanks for commenting Rammina, I hope this article will help you and others