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5 Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity

you're reading this article, then you're probably thinking about new ways how to increase the quality of your work and your life itself without spending too much time on it. And I wanna share with you some of the advice that helped me once and which I'm using to the present day. There won't be something like "Use Pomodoro Technique" or "Meditate for 5 minutes every day", these tips are fully working and even help you to choose in which direction to go.

Determining Goals

Firstly, before doing some work on your goals we need to determine the goals themselves, and to do it right we surely have to use Warren Buffet Technique which is much simpler than it seems.

You need to write down 25 Goals or Directions that you want to go for and highlight only 5 of them which are the most important for you and will give you the future that you want. Don't worry about the other 20 Goals in this list, you'll reach them after you've reached your main goals, but for now, you need to add them to your Not-To-Do-List because they only distract you from your real goals and you're spending too much on them. Also, you can write not exactly 25 Goals, your list can be much bigger or much smaller, the sense is that you need to choose the most important ones.

For instance, I've my list where I've written around 20 Spheres which I wanna learn, there're Guitar, 3D Modeling, Photographing, etc. However, the most important for me are Programming (ML, Web-Dev), Writing/Content Creation, and Design. So I'm going directly in these directions without distracting on other smaller goals

Perfectionism is an Evil

There's research that people often drop out of courses because they have a perfectionism to do it as fast as they only can and in a moment burn themselves out. That doesn't mean that you don't have to have deadlines, it's saying that if you will have very short deadlines then you'll probably drop out.
 Also, you don't have to pass the course for the highest grade or spend several hours on passing some final exam. When it comes to courses or learning something, you don't have to be perfect at it, good is enough, and you'll see how it will save your time
Perfect is an enemy of good. Just "good" is enough

The Start is The Key

The hardest part of building a good habit is starting. Usual, you just can't start doing something if your task or goal sounds like "Build a rocket" or "Make a new billion Startup". 

To start doing something you need to make a start for your goal much easier. For example, if your goal is to build a rocket so you should make smaller goals of it, like learn the conception of building a rocket or see how Elon Musk did it and so on. However, it's not complete yet, because you can't learn the construction of the rocket in one day (Perfectionism is an Evil, remember it), it means that you have to make a daily habit like spending 1 hour on reading rocket documentation, etc. 

It gets much easier now, right? That's the power of a good start. If you know that you need to your task is not to build a rocket, and just read the documentation for 1 hour you'll probably do it without stress and burning yourself out.

The same principle is with bad habits too! If you know that smoking is bad for you and you wanna quit, so make the first 20 seconds of smoking the hardest thing you've ever done, and you'll never do it again, I swear.

Consistent Habits

After you decided in which direction you'll go and what to learn, divide your goals into smaller ones, and made them as simple as possible, now it's a turn for consistency. What do I mean, for achieving something you need to do it consistently, every day and every week, and with that by going with small steps you'll learn anything you want and reach your goals. 

However, sometimes there're situations where you just can't do it today (Was on vacation or had other tasks that were more important than it. Reason that you were lazy does not include) and you don't need to stress about it if you have a habit to read around 20 pages every day and lost one day, then in the next day, you will need to read 40 pages. But it works only for a 1-day skip, the next day, you must read 40 pages and don't leave it to another day. 

Never, and I'll repeat it again, Never make a second mistake. If you fail at your daily habits then you must reconnect and back in to it

The Power of Productive Procrastination

As you might have noticed from the title, it's procrastination that is productive, strange a little bit, don't you think so? What does it mean, anyway?

Productive Procrastination is when you're not working on your main tasks like building a landing page for your product, and instead of it you're scrolling the Dribbble or Behance and getting inspired by someone's work. So it's not so great as working on your main task, however, it helps to spend less time and to build your product better. It means that not every procrastination can
be useless.

Another example, you can watch some videos of YouTubers like Matt D'Avella or my favorite GaryVee after which you will look at life from other angles.


I tried to describe to you one of the greatest unusual tips for boosting your productivity and not only. I'll write more about productivity and different kinds of advice for life, so subscribe and get everything first. I hope you enjoyed this article :)

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