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Discussion on: Why would you want to 'scale' agile?

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Mark Nicol Author

Wow that doesn't sound like it was an ideal process from your perspective.

I can only go on what the literature says about all the teams working to the same cadence. Is there any scope for you to suggest aligning your next PI event with the rest of the company?

Even if you couldn't have a single company wide planning event there might at least be the scope for the sessions to feed into each other in some meaningful way.

From what I know your suggestions sound sensible. Certainly the idea of presenting plans on the first day is so there is a chance to get a consolidated view of any blockers and issues. As you say so people know what needs tabled and worked through on the second day.

It sounds as if at the very least you have some feedback from this one that would help improve future PI events. Will you get a chance to feed back?

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Derek Rosenzweig

Yeah we'll have a feedback mechanism. I know they already want to do a single company-wide PI next time, there wasn't enough lead time to organize it this time apparently.