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The dreaded "What are your salary expectations" question is a fickle one - for me at least. Either I say a number and show my hand, or I give a fluff answer to avoid the number which is annoying.

My happy-ish medium is giving a range to play with and that seems to appease most as an actual answer with wiggle room. Something between "generic number higher than my previous job" and "nearly silly but not insane". Is it optimal in terms of numbers? Probably not, but it's easier for me to casually roll with in conversation and gives a solid start to negotiation. I've found that a fair number of employers seem to avoid making an offer in the lower end of the range and will go more middle-ish (maybe to avoid looking bad a little?), which is higher than the singular number I would've said originally.

Except my mother. Five cents per tech support question she asks me for nearly 20 years now. Don't negotiate contracts when you're seven...

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