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re: What's in your podcast rotation right now? VIEW POST

  • News
    • The Daily - NY Times reporter going over the top stories daily
  • Finance
    • Afford Anything - Paula Pant interviews a diverse array of entrepreneurs to explore their tough work of living a excellent life.
  • Lifestyle
    • Art of Manliness - Interviews to discuss all aspects of life
    • theMinimalists - Discussions on living a meaningful life with less
    • The Upgrade by LifeHacker
  • Tech
    • Daily Tech News Show - like the name says.
    • CodeNewbie - Stories and interviews from ppl on their coding journey
  • Misc
    • TED Radio Hour - distilled TED talks
    • The Tim Ferris Show - Interviews world class performers from all areas to dig deep to their roots and see how they tick.
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