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re: Hands-on Vue.js for Beginners (Part 5) VIEW POST

re: Thanks for this lesson. When you increase the rating, it increases the copy (not the rating in games). So when I open another browser, I don't see...

Hey Eric! Well, the status of your component is not going to persist through browsers unless you're storing it somehow on a server and then authenticating a user, this is way beyond the scope of these tutorials.

In order to change the parent's data you need to communicate to the parent of the component that the child's data has changed. You can accomplish this with either events or vuex (or some sort of state management).

I will eventually get to this in the tutorials, but if you want to try to skip ahead take a look at the docs and read about $emit and how to fire an event from your child component. You will also need to use a watched property as well, so this is kind of advanced in regard to what we have covered

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