Using GitHub CLI v1.0

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Github CLI v1.0 has been released and is available for download on Linux, MacOS, Windows machines

With Github CLI v1.0, you are able to:

  • run entire github workflow from the terminal
  • set a custom alias for any command
  • connect to github enterprise server 2.20+


brew install gh
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-key C99B11DEB97541F0
sudo apt-add-repository https://cli.github.com/packages
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gh
  • via scoop
scoop bucket add github-gh https://github.com/cli/scoop-gh.git
scoop install gh
  • via chocolatey
choco install gh    

Managing Github repository using github cli

  • Initialize private repository
gh repo create <name>
  • Initialize a public repository
gh repo create <name> --public
  • Clone remote repository
gh repo clone <repository-url>
  • Fork repository
gh repo fork

Managing Pull requests using github cli

  • Create pull request
gh pr create
  • Checkout pull request
gh pr checkout {<pull request number> | <url> | <branch>} [flags]
  • View the Diff
gh pr diff
  • Check all tests are passing
gh pr checks
  • Merge pull request
gh pr merge

Manage Aliases with github cli

  • Create aliases
gh alias set
  • Share your aliases with a gist
gh alias list | gh gist create

Manage Issues with github cli

  • Create a new issue
gh issue create
  • List issue
gh issue list
gh issue list --state closed
  • View status of issue
gh issue status


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