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How to Find Amazon Storefront

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, continues to dominate the e-commerce market, capturing a 37.8% share of U.S. e-commerce sales as of summer 2022. This unparalleled reach attracts brands eager to promote their products on Amazon’s expansive platform. Partnering with Amazon influencers, who operate their own storefronts, can significantly enhance brand visibility and sales. However, finding the right Amazon influencer storefront for your brand requires a strategic approach. Here’s how you can effectively locate and collaborate with Amazon influencers to maximize your brand’s impact.

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Understanding Amazon Influencers

An Amazon influencer is a content creator who participates in Amazon’s influencer program. These influencers promote products via their personalized Amazon storefronts, earning commissions through affiliate links for every purchase made. They come in various tiers, including macro-influencers with large followings and micro-influencers with more niche, engaged audiences. Choosing the right influencer depends on your brand's budget and target demographic.

Steps to Find Amazon Storefronts

Finding Amazon influencer storefronts involves a blend of leveraging Amazon’s platform and exploring social media channels where these influencers are active. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate this process:

1. Leveraging Amazon’s Platform
Start your search directly on Amazon. Here’s how:

Visit the Amazon Homepage: Click on the main navigation icon located in the top left corner and scroll down to “See All.”

Explore #FoundItOnAmazon: Click on the hashtag “#FoundItOnAmazon” to find a curated list of photos tagged by influencers showcasing their favorite products.

Select Product Categories: Narrow your search by selecting categories that align with your products. This will help you find influencers who specialize in promoting items similar to yours.

Review Influencer Storefronts: Click on the names of influencers who appear to be a good fit for your brand. Examine their storefronts to assess the relevance and quality of their content.

2. Social Media Sleuthing
Social media platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube, are essential for discovering Amazon influencers. Here’s how to find them:

Use Targeted Hashtags: Search for influencers using hashtags like #AmazonFinds, #AmazonMustHaves, #FoundItOnAmazonFashion, and #AmazonFindsCURRENTYEAR. These hashtags are commonly used by influencers to showcase their Amazon finds and storefronts.

Evaluate Profiles: Visit the profiles of influencers you find through these hashtags. Assess their content, engagement rates, and follower demographics to ensure they align with your brand’s target audience.

Check Performance Metrics: Look at their post engagement, comments, and overall follower interaction. High engagement rates often indicate a loyal and active audience, which is beneficial for your brand.

Ensuring a Good Fit for Your Brand

After identifying potential influencers, it’s crucial to vet them thoroughly:

Audience Alignment: Ensure the influencer’s audience matches your target market. Check their followers’ demographics and interests.

Content Quality: Review the influencer’s content for quality and relevance. Their style should complement your brand’s image and message.

Engagement Metrics: High engagement rates are more valuable than a large follower count. Look for influencers whose followers actively interact with their content.

Utilizing Influencity for Streamlined Selection
To streamline the process, consider using influencer marketing platforms like Influencity. Here’s how Influencity can help:

Advanced Search Filters: Influencity allows you to search through over 170 million profiles using filters such as brand affinity and specific hashtags.

Detailed Profile Insights: Access influencers’ bios, content types, and performance metrics directly from the search results page. This helps you quickly identify influencers who match your brand’s needs.
Performance Metrics: Evaluate an influencer’s performance over time to ensure they consistently engage their audience and achieve desired outcomes.


Finding the right Amazon influencer storefront for your brand is a strategic process that involves leveraging both Amazon’s platform and social media channels. By utilizing targeted searches and vetting influencers thoroughly, you can identify partners who will effectively promote your products. Platforms like can further streamline this process, saving you time and helping you make data-driven decisions.

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Partnering with the right Amazon influencer can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and sales, unlocking new levels of success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Start your search today and discover the perfect Amazon storefronts to elevate your brand.

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