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How Important Are Habits for Your Career Success? (And More of the Best Career Insights of the Week)

marek profile image Marek Zaluski ・1 min read

This week I take a look at habits, consistency and why you need them for your personal and professional growth, with an in-depth article from Steph Smith.

This article sparked a TON of discussion and it's densely packed with good ideas to think about. Make sure to bookmark Steph's post so that you can come back to it and fully digest it.

Next I discuss 5 really practical and applicable tips from a senior developer James Bedford.

It's knowledge that you can start applying in your career right away. It's not a long post, but the strategies that James suggests are things that are easy to implement and can start giving you benefits immediately.

This week's video is a bit longer than usual, because there was so much to discuss and I added a lot of my own comments and tangents as well.

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Thanks so much for featuring my article in your discussion! Really enjoyed your synthesis of the key concepts.