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Discussion on: Best Back-end Web Development Frameworks

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Marcus S. Abildskov • Edited

Express is a really garbage HTTP library.
It's slow and outdated.

It seems like you've just taken the most minimal HTTP libraries instead of the "best" HTTP frameworks.

Laravel is the only one of these that'd count as an actual framework rofl.

Instead of Flask for Python, it should've been Django.

Instead of Express for Node, it should've been Nest or Deepkit.

What is the definition of a good framework? Something that is batteries included and opinionated.

This post is a proof of why you shouldn't read articles like these from communities such as Medium or

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Ernesto Balanzar

relax, take it easy, express isn't that bad, is probably the most popular framework from node and node isn't that bad.

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I agree with your last line. This post is too opinated.

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Marcus S. Abildskov • Edited

NestJS isn't using Express under the hood lol, that's a false statement.
NestJS is HTTP library agnostic.

Just because Express is stable doesn't mean it isn't outdated.

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Kasun Vithanage

I think what you point out is correct. Often I've find its extremely difficult manage pure Express based projects. NestJS is a clear winner here.

But I disagree on Express being a garbage library. Its very un-opiniated and allows developers to build anything on top of it, I don't see it as a garbage. Its good enough.

Also NestJS uses Express as an http adapter(default one unless you install Fastify Adapter).

Ultimately I agree on using Nest over Express as it is batteries included. Sorry for the previous misunderstanding.