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re: Nice article. I really wanted to know a bit more about Svelte since it is coming up on my radar more and more. I am new to the frontend world and c...

Thank you gyurisc :)
So welcome to the frontend world :D you will love it ;)
You really should try Svelte if you have some spare time.
As I'm doing much web performance stuff, I like the fact to ship my application without the framework code to production. Svelte shifts the work into the compiler. For React, in particular, you need the framework code in your production app. Reacts production code is not an overhead, because they help you with a lot of things you would have to implement yourself, but it is still code that has to run.

I would love to have an overview or blog post about a comparison on just the technical facts. But your right, they try to solve similar problems. You can add VueJs and some others.
Moreover, Rich Harris deceived us all by making us think of Svelte as a UI framework ;). Maybe with Svelte you learning a new language instead of a frontend framework :)


Thanks for the great answer and the article! I will read it :)

Marc, this is a well written article with plenty of details.

gyurisc, I wrote a similar post from a perspective of why I went from React to Svelte if you're curious: mikenikles.com/blog/why-i-moved-fr...

Hey Mike, thanks so much.
I read your article as well. Nice comparison!

Really great article! I am starting to like this... Will make an example in Svelte to try it out. Thanks!

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