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I had used FireFox for about 3 months, but eventually switch back to Chromium based browser(Cent Browser).
The pros of FireFox for me is:

  1. More extensions, and I don't need to pay $25 to publish a extension.
  2. Much smoother than Chrome on Facebook website.
  3. Privacy.
  4. Open community.

But there's some reason that I stop using it:

  1. Slower and use more memory than Chrome on win10.
  2. FireFox's devtool is really buggy and slow, and less powerful than Chrome's.(Although it fixed really fast...)
  3. I don't like its UI at all.
  4. Cannot sync bookmarks with Android Chrome. I know it works well with Android FireFox, but it is the worst mobile browser I have ever used...

As a result, I thought FireFox is a good browser now. But it is not good enough to makes me totally replace Chrome.

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