re: 🐧 Why I switched back from Windows to Linux (Arch/Manjaro) VIEW POST


Totally agreed, Windows is doing a great job to unify the development in the Microsoft OS but the flaws makes you go back into native Linux.
I'm a full stack dev too, mainly doing PHP/Laravel and I was using Laragon at the beginning but the problem happens when I was trying to use some plugins and installs that only works on Unix (like Image Optimizers). Tried WSL and I like it a lot at the beginning but then the performance was bad, poorly Developer Experience, then I went full Ubuntu and since then 0 issues doing code in there and I love working in Linux (6 months ago).


HaHa sounds like you had almost the same experience as me :D

Have fun with Linux :)


Thanks, lets say that using WSL was my training before going full Linux 😎

HaHa yeah at least to understand the system a little bit :D
It is a good start :D

Also to understand server ;)

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