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Developer with knowledge and experience in sql and a bit of java.

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Want to have tech recruiters find you? Sixteen important things to remember

Useful, thanks for sharing

What is a REST API?

What a great content, helpful... thanks for sharing.

Attributes of good REST APIs

Good article

I tracked every minute of my time for the last 4 months. Here are 7 totally unexpected results

Excellent!!! thanks for sharing, i'll give a try

10 ways to transform data in Power BI

Wow, great post, helpful... in special for those who are just...

5 Amazing API For Your Project

Good stuff, thanks for sharing

5 Data Engineering Project Ideas To Put On Your Resume

What a good resources, thank you for sharing.

Solutions Architect Tips - The 5 Types of Architecture Diagrams


Ultimate Cheatsheet Compilation

Good list, thanks a lot for share

Doing More With Pomodoro Technique

Good article, good advice "use caution" Thanks

7 Freelancing lessons learnt the hard way

Good article. Thanks for sharing, good advice about code own...

Trucker 2 Coder: Why I am Becoming a Software Engineer

What a good story, I wish you the best. Keep moving forward

Streaming XML messages from IBM MQ into Kafka into MongoDB

Great, thanks for sharing

🎁 A collection of Kafka-related talks 💝

What a good material, thanks a lot for sharing

Non-Technical Skills Every Developer Needs

Good advices, useful not only for beginners. Thanks

¿Qué es una API y para qué sirve? Cómo funcionan y porqué son tan valiosas.

Que buen articulo, muy bien explicado.

Bad Security habits to lose

Great post, thanks, that's a good things to keep in mind.

A Guide to Deep Work: How to Achieve the Ultimate Productivity

Great post. Any recommendation for point 6, thanks.

SQL concepts from A to Z

Thank you, this article is useful. 👍🏽

The obvious mistakes you still make as a senior developer

I'm not a Senior Dev, but i consider this so important to kee...

Java Microservices: A Practical Guide

Thanks, very helpful

Simple working example of REST Web Service with Spring Boot

Love this kind of posts, very helpful. The integration test v...

From a Web Application to a Docker Image to a Deployment with Kubernetes

it's a good tutorial, very well explained, thanks