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re: And I think even 15-20 files is a bit too much.

I would agree here but if you're working with React, it can quickly add up. Let's say you're working with Redux and Styled Components and you strictly seperate everything by file. So for a still relatively simple component you might have changed or added:

- App.js
- components/Xyz/index.js
- components/Xyz/index.test.js
- components/Xyz/styles.js
- components/Xyz/xyzHelper.js
- components/Xyz/xyzHelper.test.js
- store/rootReducer.js
- store/xyz/actions.js
- store/xyz/actions.test.js
- store/xyz/reducer.js
- store/xyz/reducer.test.js
- store/xyz/selectors.js
- store/xyz/selectors.test.js
- store/xyz/types.js

That's already 14 files that have been touched (or added) for one single component. So it really depends on what you're working with and how you're working. 15-20 sounds like a lot but it's still okay if the files are short.


Oh alright maybe that's what should be counted: General length instead of number of files. I can modify 2 files and add 500 lines on each.

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