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Manjunath Desappa
Manjunath Desappa

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Dealing with Work Pressure

We've all faced some kind of bad day at our workplace which have made us react quickly, get aggressive with colleagues, our boss, make us think of quitting the job, hating life the way it is and other pesky thoughts.

The degree to which this can happen is entirely circumstantial. The point being:

"You're Not Alone!"

Now how effectively you deal with this is an art in itself (which even i'm yet to master).

I will be providing some tips that has helped me to avoid things going out of hand or believe will help me in the future.

When the pressure is getting into your head and making you feel agitated, aggressive, rude or stupid:

  1. Stop doing any activity that you're doing. Get out from the place of work

    • Take a long walk.
    • Call your close friend or spouse or a parent who are free to have a quick chat. Now share your situation, and you will be consoled in some way. Believe me this will remove a huge chunk of stress immediately.
  2. Have a soothing drink like coffee, tea, juice, or anything you prefer.

  3. Close your eyes and affirm, "I consciously am letting go of all hatred towards anybody, because i want to remain pure in heart"

  4. Go back to your workplace & finish the pending tasks. If you're unable to continue, just end your day.

  5. On the same day, try to document the following things using a text editor

    • A timeline of the day's activity.
    • What events could have caused you to react badly to the situation, making you feel overwhelmed or stressful ?
    • What do you infer from this situation ?
    • What's the resolution you will make to improve myself ?
    • Challenges that needs to be addressed with the help of your immediate boss, higher authority or a colleague.
  6. Send a sincere apology note to the person whom you reacted with badly (in case things got out of hand).

  7. Just affirm, "Today was not my day, i'll let it pass. But tomorrow i will surely have a wonderful one".

This routine can definitely help you in some way. Also keeping this as a journal entry could make you come back, reflect and help dealing with such situations in a better way.

And know that it's okay to react, but make sure you don't use abusive words or make vile comments that might severely impact your career.

With time, you will definitely become more mature in dealing challenging situations.

Do leave a comment by sharing your experiences, and how that has impacted you, ways you've overcome such situations, or effective techniques to handle such situations.

Have a wonderful and joyful rest of your week. Sending out all of my love to you for reading the post. ❤️

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