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Discussion on: How do you approach knowledge gaps?

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I guess in some ways we fall in love with a certain level complexity and totally forget there are easier ways to do certain things. I've noticed that blocking out time in my calendar was effective as well for the same reasons. (Also I had no idea what Lync was so I googled it, Microsoft some software solution for anything 😂)

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THIS! this has been me since starting out as a (solo, anyone want to partner?) startup, I always end up starting a project to say, save my code snippets... there are literally 1000's of FREE solutions that I could use just to realize the amount of time I've wasted because I wanted it done MY way.. unfortunately I don't do so well with gcal or lync as I need to visualize the knock on effect it will have on my projects and have resorted to kanbans for a ONE PERSON company. 🙈