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re: Great Post! I am working on updating our corporate web site to meet ADA, WCAG standards. I wish it was a React.js app but is ASP.NET. A bit old and...

Indeed, I highly recommend both React for apps & Gatsby for static sites. Easy to make, easy to use.

Keeping fingers crossed for ASP.NET site! Maybe it's time to give it a new life! :)


I use React every chance I get, but the key being the time, with so much going on here and I am the only developer which also makes me help desk for all the applications we use (thank me that the ones I build new are of newer tech and easier to maintain). Would love to replace some of these old dinosaurs. I don't like putting band-aids on everything, not a good practice at all. Do it right the first time.

Maybe it's time to outsource it? :)

Or find a remote developer for help to join your team per hour?

It became crazy easy and efficient cost-wise now.

Let me know if you need a help with that. I know mid-senior you could onboard for your projects very quick.

I will definitely keep that in mind. Waiting to find out now if we are doing a system conversion and if that happens i will definitely need some dev help.

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