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10 Strong Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Web Development

Let’s Know what AngularJS is:
AngularJS is a client-side javascript MVC framework to develop web applications. Angular JS was originally started as a project in Google but now it's an open-source framework. AngularJS is completely based on HTML ( Hypertext mark-up language ) and Javascript.

Above you read about what's Angular JS now you'll read Why Angular JS for Web Development.

Here are the Top-10 strong reasons to choose Angular JS for Web Development.

1) Large community support

There's massive community support involved in continuously improving the framework. The highly skilled and enthusiastic engineers are there to solve the issues related to front-end development.AnuglarJS is developed by the tech giant Google. The community also invites worldwide IT companies to introduce new advancements in the industry.

2) Easy to use

Angular JS is an easy-to-use framework. AngularJS is completely based on HTML and Javascript so there's no need to learn other complex languages. A javascript development company offering Angular.js development as a service can make web applications quicker than the rest of the companies

3) Simple MVC Architecture

AngularJS supports MVC architecture for building web applications. For the Implementation of MVC, all you are required to do is split your application and the rest of everything will be done by AngularJS. MVC stands for Model View Controller.

4) Reusability of code

It's the most important feature which AngularJS offers. This framework allows the developers to reuse the code that has been written before very efficiently.

5) Two-way data building

AngularJS uses Two- way data building that means any changes in the user interface immediately influence application objects and vice versa.

6) High in performance

Angular JS is mostly used to develop fully-functioned web apps that are attractive as well as high in performance. It has some of the most unique and powerful features like data binding, filters, directives, routing, form validation, and many more.

7) Followed by POJO

Angular JS uses all the objectives that are POJO( Plain old javascript object ) with the help of POJO developers that don't need additional getters and setters functions.

8) speed

In the existence of MVC Architecture and easy testing, the developers can move to a higher speed and deliver any project faster than expected. This feature makes developers choose Angular JS for Web Development.


It plays an important part in the development process, as they organize the stored data. With AngularJS, you can rely on different filters such as Number, Lowercase, Uppercase, OrderBy, and many others.

10) Mobile app development

In the era where the mobile app development market is increasing at unimaginable speed then Angular JS is something you are looking for. It has an app framework called, NgModule. We can put anything into our web applications, whether it’s a web application or an app.


According to a recent survey, there are more than 1.7 billion websites in the world (April 2020), and the count is still increasing at unimaginable speed. There are many platforms available for web development but, AngularJS for web development is a primary choice. AngularJS was incepted in 2009, and since its inception, the use of Angular has created some ripples in the market. If you choose Angular JS for Web Development it means that you get to leverage the strengths of this software framework to build your apps and services.

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Viney Rawat

But I suggest react to you also :thumbsUP

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Most of these arguments apply to React as well.