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re: The 10 points that make up real "10x engineers" VIEW POST

re: Based on the Twitter thread, to be a "10x engineer" you have to: Hate meetings Can't teach others Know every line of code in production These 3...

Refer to my hair/bald analogy.

Just because there is no generalization like "Most humans have hair on the head" people are interpreting a seemingly harmless statement as :
"In order for you to be called a human, you MUST have hair on the head"

Even if every absolute they gave was a generalization, they are listing strong generalisations for a "most often" case. This "most often" case happens to be a stereotype-ridden person.

It isn't that one statement was taken out of context, they did a series of tweets along the same lines and many people drew the same conclusions. Either their message is exactly like we are interpreting or their message has come across very poorly and needs a better explanation.

If you're adamant that they were just misinterpreted, write an article explaining where we've gone wrong and what the real intention of the "10x engineer" thread actually was.

I think this discussion is going in the wrong direction.

My apologies.

No need to apologise - you were kind and respectful. Have a nice day! 🙂

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