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Discussion on: S.O.S.: you might suffer from F.O.M.O.! ( About Fear of Missing Out and Shiny Object Syndrome)

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Mandar Vaze

I too can relate to this.

I'm still on FB, but since the beginning I never checked it more than once in couple of months.

Beginning on 2018, I stopped following a lot of people on twitter, and started following "relevant" people.
Recently, I again, unfollowed a whole lot of them.
This allows me to keep my twitter stream to a manageable size.

I use todoist instead of trello. Kinda helps, but I need more discipline.

Finally, I think what matters most is "be mindful - focus on the right now and right here." cause I definitely need to be "brought back on track" regularly.

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Davide de Paolis Author

yep. keeping the stream of info low is also important. i noticed that also with medium / hackernoon. sure it's about tech and not about fakenews, parties or other crap on FB, but still the feed was becoming way too big.